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What is Açaí?

Açai (pronounced ( ah-sigh-EE ) is a fruit that grows on the Açai Palm Trees in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The açai berry is small in size (smaller than a grape) and is dark purple in color. Açai is mostly seed, covered in a small amount of pulp. In fact, about 90% of the açai berry is seed – it is important to note that no one eats the açai berry seed.

Is Açai Flow ice cream or sorbet?

Açai Flow is neither! It does not contain dairy, cream or any type of milk so it’s not an ice cream. Açai Flow is not Sorbet either! Sorbet is basically watery ice with a small amount of fruit or juice, often with high levels or sugar and other sweeteners.
An Açai Flow bowl is packed full of açai and all the nutrients that come with it!

Is Açai Flow made from powder?

No. It is an açai pulp base, there is no powder used.

What else is in Açai Flow?

Açaí pulp (58%), Filtered Water, Organic Sugar, Stabiliser (Guar Gum), Concentrated Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice.

Why don’t you need to add bananas or other fruit?

The açai content in the Açai Flow mix is very high, so we do not need to add banana as a substance to thicken our product like traditional blended bowls.

Is the machine difficult to use?

No! We provide full training and have easy guides, short user videos and user manuals at your disposal. We also provide ongoing support.

How do I get Açai Flow in my venue?

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