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Açai Flow is a family run business, owned by two passionate Aussies (and their dog)! We set out to bring the taste of the Amazon to Australia and create an açai product that was high-quality, authentic and tastes downright delicious!

Here at Açai Flow we are a down to earth business who want to share our much loved product and spread health and wellness to all. We distribute premium açai products to vendors Australia-wide. We also sell and rent custom-made machines that make service of our açai lightning fast.

Our authentic açai is ready in a fraction of the time it takes to make a blended bowl. All with the same flavour, texture and consistency, in every bowl all day long.

More reasons you'll love Açai Flow

Aussie Owned

We're distributing an authentically Amazonian product right here in Australia. Our HQ is based on the Sunshine Coast, but we supply to all of Australia.

Fast Distribution

We have distribution centres Australia-wide so that lead time on our vendors orders are as quick as possible. Less transit time means more flexibility for you.

Açai on Tap

With our açai machines you can produce an açai bowl every 1-2 minutes! They fit comfortably on your benchtop and make speed to service incredibly fast.

High Shelf Life

Our açai pulp arrives to your shop or café frozen. Guaranteed it will be running out your door it's so yummy, but in case, it can be stored in the freezer for when you need.

Good for you
good for the planet.

Authentic açai is sourced from the Amazon in Brazil, which is the largest tropical rainforest in the world and home to extensive biodiversity and the highest volume of fresh water on the planet. For these reasons, it is also considered one of the richest places on Earth. Unfortunately, that wealth has attracted the wrong type of investment and resulted in much deforestation.

Açai Flow is doing things differently. We have partnered with a local Amazonian company to manufacture our açai product. By doing this we support the local community, living in the Amazon, and ensure that our açai is produced ethically, whilst respecting and protecting an extraordinary natural resource.

When you choose Açai Flow, you can be sure that you’re making a responsible, environmental choice for your business.

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